Of Tea Parties and Armchairs

    Sam is a guy I much admire who has worked across projects, companies etc. In reblogging this, I share much if not all of his well thought through arguments, opinions and analysis. Its well worth a read and deserves resharing.
    While MS is rather blunt and sometimes a little insular with his thoughts (Ubuntu through and through), try to read between those thoughts. There has been misinformation from all sides – primarily from armchair critics. This year hasnt been a great year for FOSS due to its infighting. We should be all marching together – looking to take the demise of Windows XP as an opportunity to push the boundaries of Linux in what ever platform is available – phones, desktop, server etc.
    Be critical of Mir and you yourself are damaging this FOSS cause. Be critical of wayland, you yourself are damaging choice. Throw mud at all contributers from whatever angle they are delivering, you introduce a stain on all present and future aspiring developers that will not rub off easily in the rinse-cycle.
    Those in the real world want stuff that works – works great with polish, panache and verve. The whole open-source community should be running to that beat.
    Anyway – back to drinking my cuppa tea from this particular arm-chair.

virtual const void B () const noexcept(true) override final

I was a little taken aback today by Mark’s “tea party” comment on the Trusty Tahr release announcement today. To try and put it in as much context as possible:

Mir is really important work. When lots of competitors attack a project on purely political grounds, you have to wonder what THEIR agenda is. At least we know now who belongs to the Open Source Tea Party ;)  And to put all the hue and cry into context: Mir is relevant for approximately 1% of all developers, just those who think about shell development. Every app developer will consume Mir through their toolkit. By contrast, those same outraged individuals have NIH’d just about every important piece of the stack they can get their hands on… most notably SystemD, which is hugely invasive and hardly justified. What closely to see how competitors to Canonical torture the English language in their efforts…

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