Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser v1.0 nears – happy new year

Happy new year to all.

Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser plugin v1.0 beta 1 is now available – please give it a try and help out with testing.

    Lets make this release the best yet 🙂

precise 64bit [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_002

I’ll write up a full release note at release day – I’m hoping to release this at the end of January.

Pretty picture above.

What’s new follows.

Please help out and kick the proverbial boots on this.

  • single click play for O/S’s using GTK+3.6 or later for Tile-view
  • new artists view: displays album-artists in a tree-view
  • artists view: clicking on an album-artist displays the albums for that artist
  • artists view: Download all artist covers using the covers properties menu option
  • artists view: … or drag and drop covers from cover view or from nautilus/firefox
  • artists view: drag and drop of albums to playlists
  • artists view: Filter buttons or filter search/quick track filter correctly filters view to show only the artists that have those filtered albums
  • artists view: hovering the mouse pointer over the artist cover displays a tooltip of a larger version of the cover
  • artists view: supports sorting of album-artist via clicking on its column header – ascending/descending/unsorted.
  • artists view: right click of albums displays the same right click menu as in tile view or coverflow view
  • new look (optional) to display album information within (on top of) the cover rather than below (beneath) the cover
  • new lighter icon-theme from the brilliant designer – jrbastien
  • new Rhythmbox 3 coverart source icon – again from jrbastien
  • Look & Feel integration: Rhythmbox 3 style toolbar and button popup menus
  • Look & Feel integration: New toolbar menu-button to switch between views including RB’s own library view
  • Look & Feel integration: New toolbar menu-button in RB’s library view to switch to plugin views (RB v3 and later)
  • Optional export and embed coverart from most file-formats to MP3.
  • – Remember quick artist filter between rhythmbox sessions
  • support drag-and-drop of albums onto playlists or external devices for RB2.99 and later
  • Rework Album & Playlist favourite supports – this declutters menus and now can be optionally enabled through properties button
  • Right click support for the external plugin Repeat One Song
  • Use new Rhythmbox 3 progress bars for loading
  • Tooltip support to display cover name and artist only if album information is not already displayed
  • To install, follow the release note instructions here for CoverArt Browser:


    You also need to install CoverArt Search Plugin as well – again release notes here:


    For those using my 14.04 Trusty PPA – you’ll be also getting the beta release as well in the next few days – well you are testers 🙂

    Please throw any issues/bug reports/comments on the github project website:



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