Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser v1.0 … released!

Its my pleasure to announce the version 1.0 release of my plugin for the music media player – Rhythmbox.

It is available in PPA form or via simple installation instructions.  Look at the README for the easy how-to (web-link above). Rhythmbox 3 users using v13.10 can also use my PPA – see this link for details.

First the obligatory pretty picture…


Just before I say what is new …

This has been a most interesting adventure – it is my very first “v1.0” release of open-source software and I must say I met some great people and characters on the way.

Not in any order, but my first thanks goes to Agustín “asermax” Carrasco – without asermax’s fundamental foundations this v1.0 release would definitely not have happened.  My Argentinian friend has for some time moved on to bigger open-source software but a big shout-out anyway.

Next, Jean-Rene Bastien.  Jean-Rene’s contributions have been invaluable.  Fantastic graphics, meticulous attention to detail and thorough testing in all sorts of combinations. Cheers

I must also mention the brilliant Launchpad Translators.  Without the countless individuals help – this really multi-national and multi-lingual release would not have been so special.

The major addition for this release has been the oft-asked for Artist View.  Rhythmbox ability to view albums by their artists is – lets say rudimentary.

Now rhythmbox users have a very visual way to view & search for albums via their artist.


This complements the many faces of the CoverArt Browser.  Hopefully this is the same simple and straightforward manner the plugin has always aimed for.

CoverArt Browser has been developed and tested on all Ubuntu versions from v12.04 through to the upcoming 14.04 release.

It should in theory work on all distros – if you are a Fedora/OpenSuse etc – let me know via the project page what the installation instructions are.  Thanks.

Finally – a list of what’s new for this release.


  • single click play for O/S’s using GTK+3.6 or later for Tile-view
  • new artists view: displays album-artists in a tree-view
  • artists view: clicking on an album-artist displays the albums for that artist
  • artists view: Download all artist covers using the covers properties menu option – remember to enable the LastFM plugin and login first!
  • artists view: … or drag and drop covers from cover view or from nautilus/firefox
  • artists view: drag and drop of albums to playlists
  • artists view: Filter buttons or filter search/quick track filter correctly filters view to show only the artists that have those filtered albums
  • artists view: hovering the mouse pointer over the artist cover displays a tooltip of a larger version of the cover
  • artists view: supports sorting of album-artist via clicking on its column header – ascending/descending/unsorted.
  • artists view: right click of albums displays the same right click menu as in tile view or coverflow view
  • artists view: right click of artists to play or queue all albums for that artist
  • artists view: independent sort toolbar buttons – for example show albums for an artist by ascending year whilst in the tile view show albums by name
  • new look (optional) to display album information within (on top of) the cover rather than below (beneath) the cover
  • new lighter icon-theme from the brilliant designer – jrbastien
  • new Rhythmbox 3 coverart source icon – again from jrbastien
  • Look & Feel integration: Rhythmbox 3 style toolbar and button popup menus
  • Look & Feel integration: New toolbar menu-button to switch between views including RB’s own library view
  • Look & Feel integration: New toolbar menu-button in RB’s library view to switch to plugin views (RB v3 and later)
  • Optional export and embed coverart from most file-formats to MP3.
  • Remember quick artist filter between rhythmbox sessions
  • support drag-and-drop of albums onto playlists or external devices for RB2.99 and later
  • Rework Album & Playlist favourite supports – this declutters menus and now can be optionally enabled through properties button
  • Right click support for the external plugin Repeat One Song
  • Optionally use sort fields for album artists or album artists (right click – properties – sort tab)
  • Use new Rhythmbox 3 progress bars for loading
  • Tooltip support to display cover name and artist only if album information is not already displayed
  • Translated into 25 languages and locales
  • for developers – doxygen documentation: http://fossfreedom.github.io/coverart-browser/classes.html

If you are interested … here is the history log if you are upgrading from an earlier version.


5 thoughts on “Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser v1.0 … released!

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  4. Thanks David for the nice words and this wonderful project. I almost feel guilty sometimes to report issues to you as I know that you care so much for your work! You are definitely one of the most responsive developers on the Open Source front.

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