How to make Rhythmbox really exit when clicking the close button

In response to an Ask Ubuntu question that wanted to know how to quit Rhythmbox via the window close button…

Well, I took up the challenge and wrote an external plugin that does just this – clicking the close button (window “x” button) really does mean quit.

In the default way of working, Ubuntu has a specific patch to ensure that when music is playing, clicking the close button minimizes the application.

The reason for this is that some people like music to be playing, but they don’t actually want to see the application visibly on the desktop.  Control of Rhythmbox then passes to the Sound Indicator.

However, for those that do not like this behaviour, you cannot by default quit the application via the close button if something is playing.  You have to either, stop what is playing and then quit.  Alternatively, use the Menu – File – Quit method.

how to install for RB3.0 and later

sudo apt-get install git
cd ~/.local/share/rhythmbox/plugins
git clone

EDIT 26/04/14: this is now in my PPA and you can install via the package rhythmbox-plugin-close-on-hide

Start rhythmbox and enable the “close-on-hide” plugin in the plugins menu (Tools – Plugins menu)

If you are using RB2.99 and earlier – edit the .plugin file in the close-on-hide folder and change the line Loader=python3 to read Loader=python

I’ll upload this into my Rhythmbox plugins PPA sometime shortly but if you can’t wait just follow the instructions above.

Any issues – see the GitHub project page. Flattr, paypal or just a simple Upvote on my Ask Ubuntu answer would be most welcome!

Enjoy 🙂


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