New Rhythmbox Spectrum Analyzer plugin


Most  media-players come with a visual spectrum analyzer (aka equalizer spectrum) – why?  I’m not sure because it doesnt “improve” your music.  Its just a bit of bling – nice to have, pretty etc.

My favourite media player as you know by now is Rhythmbox – and it doesnt have one…

Well it does now!

I took a couple of days out to pull together the above.  The code is a bit rough around the edges but heck – its a start.

Its my first attempt delving into the gstreamer API.  For my inspiration, I looked at Deepin Music Player – it comes with a spectrum analyzer.  Deepin is GTK2, gstreamer v0.10 & python 2 based.  Thus I borrowed, updated and reworked to make it work with GTK3 – gstreamer 1.0 & Python3 – all requirements to make the plugin work in Rhythmbox 3

Feel free to look at the code – its GPLv3 based – so code patches, graphical improvements etc are more than welcome.

I’ll update this in my rhythmbox PPA soon – but feel free to grab from GitHub

EDIT: 14/06/14 – now available as a debian package – sudo apt-get install rhythmbox-plugin-spectrum

cd ~/.local/share/rhythmbox.plugins
git clone

Then enable the plugin in the plugins window.  Toggle the spectrum analyzer via the new View Spectrum menu option.


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