Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser hits version 2 Beta 2…

Well I have been hard at work with my Rhythmbox  plugin CoverArt Browser and I’m pleased to shout about this new beta version.

First, the obligatory pretty picture:


This release is for Rhythmbox v3 users – in Ubuntu terms, Ubuntu 14.04 and later – and in terms of other distros, any that use Gtk 3.10 or later, for example, Fedora 20 & Arch

Can I repeat  – its a BETA – and this is where I need your help to give this a good shake and knock off those rough edges.  So please help out to make this the best release yet.

If you are a translator go to Launchpad and submit your updates

I need help sorting out the Wiki – it needs a major overhaul and updating – so please – visit this issue for more details:

Before listing what has changed – just to say, I would like to release this by the end of July – so plenty of time!

The README gives all the details about how to install:

Any issues – throw them here on GitHub.

Feel free to Fork the code and submit any changes – the following link gives you details about how the code-base is structured.

Summary: whats new in this release

  • Compact & Full track view toggle option:
  1. Compact: fixed track view showing the key album track fields & ratings together with an enlarged album cover
  2. Full: Standard track view configurable via the preferences window

– Smart continuous playlist: Play Similar Artists as recommended by EchoNest
– Smart continuous playlist: Play Similar Genres as recommended by EchoNest
– Smart continuous playlist: Play Similar Tracks as recommended by LastFM
– New optional theme: darker toolbar icons by the graphics artist jrbastien
– New subtle hover, play & queue icons by the graphics artist jrbastien
– Introduce more modern look & feel through subtle animations
– Views button now can navigate to Play Queue.  Allows navigation of key views without the side-bar (F9) being visible
– Artist & Album information pane with LastFM & EchoNest data
– Information pane can be made visible or hidden by dragging the pane-handle
– Track Artist Filter and Artist & Album Information panes individually displayed per view
– Support Jump To Playing CTRL+J to scroll to the playing album
– Follow playing song option automatically selects playing album
– Custom Genres are now saved in an alternative folder location to survive re-installation of the plugin
– Search Filter by Composer
– Introduce type-ahead Search filtering to improve searching usability
– Single click to append album to list of playing albums
– Right-click to append album to list of playing albums
– View and modify the list of album tracks being played
– Optional support for SmallWindow plugin – allows Rhythmbox to be toggled between its standard application window and its smaller counterpart
– Translated into 26 languages and locales
– for developers – doxygen documentation: http://fossfreedom.github.io/coverart-browser/classes.html


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