new rhythmbox android support

some quick news for rhythmbox and android fans.  Upstream have added better android support.

Previously, android support was via the MTP plugin and protocol.  As many users know – this old plugin has not really worked producing spurious errors, crashes and failed syncronisation of music.

Committed in the upstream code-sources is a new plugin and I’ve uploaded this for Trusty (14.04) users via my PPA (installation instructions here).

This new android support is built-in so you don’t need to manually enable this plugin.  If you use the MTP plugin for your other MTP devices this existing plugin can remain enabled – otherwise just disable the MTP plugin via the plugins menu.

This is brand new stuff – so report any issues upstream to get the necessary fixes into next version of rhythmbox – probably around mid september.

Other changes – I’ve made the visualizer plugin a suggested package not a dependency – its not a dependency upstream so I’m falling into line here.  If you want the visualizer plugin – install the rhythmbox-plugin-visualizer package

I’ve added the needed grilo packages to the dependency list to stop an annoying grilo error message appearing when you launch rhythmbox via a terminal.  N.B. Grilo packages support Jamendo as well as the upnp & DLNA protocols.

I’ve dropped the zeigeist plugin from the dependency list.  It has never worked since the migration to python3 via rhythmbox 3 due to zeitgeist not supporting python 3 upstream.  You can safely remove the rhythmbox-plugin-zeitgeist package now to tidy up.

Other notes – it looks like rhythmbox upstream may move to GTK+3.12 or later – this means no more support for Trusty users.  Nothing upstream has actually been committed yet – but if it does I’ll need to judge if I can still produce a trusty package by dropping those commits. Watch this space.


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