My opensource contributions Q3 2015

This quarter has been a fairly busy time updating and enhancing various projects.  If you like what I’ve been up-to, remember you can say thanks by buying me a beer via Flattr or Paypal

Project development

Radio-Browser: I’ve finally found some time for this project after a year away.  I’ve fixed a crasher bug that prevented the ability to rip songs from radio-streams.  I’ve also merged in some changes another developer has made when forking the project but (forgot?) did not request a pull-request.  I’ll upload this into my rhythmbox PPA fairly soon.

Rhythmbox-Fullscreen: Whilst not my own project, I’ve contributed a fix resolving an issue that allowed the plugin to automatically recognise and scale correctly high resolution monitors.

Now Playing: Again, not one of my projects but I’ve been helping the main developer to find various bugs.  I’ve also run through and fixed various python PEP8 issues and supplied other fixes.  Expect to see this in my rhythmbox PPA soon once the author has confirmed he is happy for the project to be pushed to a wider audience.

Indicator-sysmonitor: I’ve been looking at some new ideas on this project.  I’ve implemented the ability to display custom icons in addition to text for custom scripts.   I’ve got a couple of other things to-do before marking this version as stable.  More news in the next quarter.

remember-the-rhythm: This looks to be a defunct project and hasnt been updated to Rhythmbox 3+.  So I’ve forked this, made it compatible with RB3 and added the ability to remember the state of playing when exiting rhythmbox. Expect to see this in my rhythmbox PPA once I’ve made some additional changes soon.

rhythmbox-hide: I’ve fixed a bug making this plugin work with versions of rhythmbox prior to RB 3+

coverart-browser: I’ve been looking at enhancing the artist view converting it from a tree-view to an icon-view.  This is a complete revamp of the GUI in this area but should make things much easier to navigate and find music by artist.

alternative-toolbar: lots and lots of fixes and translations have been added.

rhythmbox-android-remote: I’ve resurrected this plugin from the code-graveyard.  Made this RB3 compatible and did lots of fixes.

DRC: not one of my projects – but I’ve been helping out the author with testing and making code suggestions and other enhancements.  Look for this one in my rhythmbox PPA.

PPA Updates.

  • Rhythmbox-plugins: six plugins have had updates – some like alternative-toolbar has had many updates due to enhancements and other fixes
  • Rhythmbox: I updated the trusty archive with the latest development snapshot.

As always – I’m always looking to work with you – whether you can translate, test or provide code enhancements.  Just drop by one of my projects, fork, raise issues etc.


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