“Ubuntu Budgie” needs a campaign plan

Every major software project needs a plan – a set of requirements & derived requirements, an Impact Assessment, High-Level Design, low-level designs, tech-notes, transition plans, software impact statements, interface-control-documents …

xubuntu (before rhythmbox 3.3) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_120

Yes – the software industry (which if you don’t know I’m a part of) just loves its documentation – its a wonder any software gets produced!

Does anyone actually read any of this?


“Ubuntu Budgie” needs a plan – a plan of what needs to be done – but it doesn’t need thousands of turgid pages of stuff to be created before someone decides on producing something real.

Here’s a plan – maybe a flight of fancy – maybe not practical in places… but a plan it is.

Have a read – what do you think?

Feel free to share – edit & comment – its an open plan so please dont abuse it…

Its quite a list – somewhat random – but such a plan needs a practical demonstration of what the key parts of the plan will actually look like.

Tomorrow’s story…


2 thoughts on ““Ubuntu Budgie” needs a campaign plan

    • not sure it will shrink down and be legible for the logo size on the logon screen – can I send you an email on your “…360…” email address to discuss further?

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