what should the default web-browser be for budgie-remix?

Quick question – what should the default web-browser be for budgie-remix?


Ideally there should be a way for a user to select and install any web-browser that they want – a so called browser-ballot.  If anyone is up for the challenge to write this in (for example) python then please shout!

Some of the more popular browsers are not available directly from the Ubuntu repos  – Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi just to name a few.

Thus budgie-remix cannot by default have any of those installed – we cannot depend on a third-party.

The only two browsers I’m aware of actively updated in Ubuntu are chromium and firefox.  Have I missed any?

Thus – what should the default browser be?

I’ve defaulted the tech-review 1 & 2 images with chromium.  As we approach Beta 1 at the end of March a decision needs to be made.

Cogent arguments are welcome.


7 thoughts on “what should the default web-browser be for budgie-remix?

  1. If you only want programs in Ubuntu repos then Firefox should be default as chromium does not work with the Ubuntu flash plugin. Chrome people (such as myself) will download chrome from Google and use its built in “pepperflash” plugin.

  2. Presumably the user is going to have to vote during the install, or is the idea to allow the administrator to decide what to install and the user to decide what they want to use from the available (installed) software…?

    • exactly that – non-administrators get to choose from the web-browsers installed – administrators get to choose to install whatever they want e.g. vivaldi/chrome/opera etc etc.

  3. Epiphany! No, seriously, hear me out.

    If you make Firefox the default, then all the Chrome users are going to install Chrome anyway. If you make Chrome the default, then all the FF users will go install FF. So in the end, it doesn’t matter which you install by default – people are going to go do their own thing anyway.

    However, a lot of people don’t realise how great Epiphany is simply because they have never tried it, so you may as well make that the default. Some people will ignore it or try it out and then go install FF or Chrome – which they would have done anyway, but some people why try it will appreciate the fact that it’s an awesome native app that integrates perfectly with their desktop environment and so might end up sticking with it.

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