displaying the appmenu in budgie

Quick tip for budgie-desktop PPA users who maybe wondering where GNOME based apps display their AppMenu.


There is a bug upstream with 10.2.4 of budgie-desktop that does not display the GNOME AppMenu for applications like Rhythmbox, Totem, Nautilus etc.

Until this is fixed correctly in the source, here is a quick terminal command to get those pesky AppMenus displaying again:

gsettings set  org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides "{'Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu': <0>, 'Gtk/ShellShowsMenubar': <1>, 'Gtk/DecorationLayout': <'menu:minimize,maximize,close'>}"


I’ve tried to add an override file in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas but the override doesn’t appear to update for the user.  If anyone has a suggested fix please shout so I can include the fix within the PPA itself.


2 thoughts on “displaying the appmenu in budgie

  1. Hi,
    It’s not working for me. Says:

    expected value:
    {‘Gtk/ShellShowsAppMenu’: ,’Gtk/DecorationLayout’: }

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