IMPORTANT: New package repository for budgie-remix and budgie-desktop users

With immediate effect the budgie-desktop repository “ppa:fossfreedom/budgie-desktop” has been deprecated. What this means is that ppa:fossfreedom/budgie-desktop will no longer receive updates … but don’t worry read on 🙂

Since budgie-remix is a community distro we want to encourage everyone to contribute. We can achieve this through a new team repository where people can join and contribute.

To swap to the new repository type the following into the terminal:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo ppa-purge ppa:fossfreedom/budgie-desktop

In upcoming news:

  1. budgie-desktop v10.2.5 is to be released today.  This looks like an exciting release – so stay tuned.
  2. budgie-remix beta 2 will be shipped with v10.2.5 – this release contains lots of fixes and support for UEFI laptop users.  Again – will let everyone know shortly when this is done.



6 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: New package repository for budgie-remix and budgie-desktop users

    • Hi, if you are using 15.10 then no newer packages at this moment are available. This is because upstream no longer support the older gtk version available in 15.10. Next week 16.04 stable will be released. This repo has the latest version of budgie.

      • @fossfredom Thanks for the quick reply that makes sense I was running into the nm-applet and the other icons not showing up and so I had talked on #Solus on irc about this and they said I should upgrade. But I guess I have to wait for the 16.04 stable, so excited to be able to try budgie-remix out properly.

        Thanks for all your hard work!

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