budgie-desktop gets a very stylish new release

budgie-desktop has just received its latest update (v10.2.5) – and its packed full of rather nice tasty stuff.  So forget about your choccy easter eggs – delve in, update and enjoy.

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_001 The main panel has been rather nicely been fixed up. Notable visual changes includes the ability to blend the panel applets with the panel itself – a visual treat in itself.

The whole panel nicely reveal itself on logon – so no messy icons changing its size.  The applets no longer re-arrange themselves at random as well. Hurray!

If you have pinned your apps to the panel, these task icons (right of the start button) gets a nice hover effect – just inviting you to click on them.

Last but  not least is bluetooth support – if you have bluetooth – you get to see a nice new bluetooth icon with the other panel system indicators (battery/sound/exit).

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_002Raven sound descriptions are much more useful – especially for those users who have multiple sound cards.

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_003The General Settings has undergone a dramatic revamp – you can switch on and off desktop icons as well as fiddle with cursor themes and all sorts of fonts.  You can now remove gnome-tweak tool. Yay!

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_004 The panel settings has a new option called “Stylize regions” – for ubuntu users it is off so that the applets blend in to the panel itself.  For those yearning for the clear visual distinction – click to switch back on.

Other behind the scenes changes include:

  • fix-ups for ultra high resolution users – the panel correctly sizes itself
  • GTK+ 3.20 support.  So for those users using the latest 16.04 Gnome-3 Staging PPA, budgie-desktop will work just nice for you!
  • The minimum GTK requirements are now GTK+3.18 – so sorry 15.10 Ubuntu Users … time to upgrade (on April 24th if you are of a nervous disposition)

Don’t forget – you need to use the budgie-remix PPA from now on.

For users who are new to budgie-desktop:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y budgie-desktop

Note – this will update Nautilus to v3.18 as well which does not have the Unity patches. To remove budgie-desktop:

sudo apt install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:budgie-remix/ppa

budgie-remix beta 2 is up next – this will include this new release of budgie-desktop.



4 thoughts on “budgie-desktop gets a very stylish new release

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  2. Finally simple and usable Gnome. Menulibre is great but Alacarte it’s accurate. Rhythmbox is beautiful with this, sin does not cover-browser active.
    Libreoffice with dark theme is hard to use with set icon. Firefox is excellent with the arc theme, but I rediscovered Midori and I’m happy. I removed evolution except Evolution Data Server common, consumed too much ram. I use synaptic, and I removed gnome software (but gnome software is much better than ubuntu center software). Nautilus in this version is really great. Missing a massive renamer … patience use gprename. I replaced gnome-sushi with Gloobus-sushi (Gloobus-preview) remains active with nautilus minimized meets the arrow keys, editable appearance is great.
    I looked for a player with browser cover, I do not want to install banshee (best audio player) too many dependencies in tow. Lollypop is very nice but a lot of ram to run, beautiful the ability to draw easytag (external program) to change tracks. Gnumusicbrowser is crazy (Quentin Sculo is a genius) layouts very configurable but is not very integrated. I discovered yarock simple nice little ram, It has many options, he has no dependencies gnome or kde, but, it is written in QT not integrated at all, expect coverart-browser plugin back to work.
    The latest budgie-desktop updates are truly remarkable, beautiful sliding the effect of program icons that are minimized (rhythmbox icon moves the play-stop dialogue on the opposite side of the desktop) but will work out. Budgie-Remix reported gnome to better usability him back to the desktop (made useless Mate) joined ubuntu and linux mint, but it has preserved its purity … as Ikey Doherty says “One desktop to rule them all”.
    Thanks fossfreedom.

    • Many thanks for your comments – I’m particularly interested on how you customised budgie and why you’ve substituted stuff.

      Can I ask, where did you get gloobus-sushi?

      Please file a bug-report about the rhythmbox tray-icon (launchpad.net/budgie-remix).

      We decided to go for menulibre simply because it fits the style of budgie more than alacarte. However – we will certainly keep reviewing this if alacarte GUI interface improves.

      Coverart-browser issue I am aware of. Just need to find the time to have a look at why 16.04 has broken the plugin.

      We decided not to go with midori because it does not get updates – its in the universe repo and we noticed midori isnt actively updated – that’s not good from a security point-of-view.

      • Actually Gloobus-Sushi replaces Gnome-Sushi and installs CoverGloobus. I used (ppa: nilarimogard / WebUpd8).
        When you are using MenuLibre to change an icon there are no problems, but when you change the name of an application because it’s too long, MenuLibre doubles that category in the budgie menu: there is this problem that becomes very annoying. With Alacarte you can’t change the name (on my computer). I never reported a bug in Launchpad, I don’t even know how to do it. The problem is that if you use the right button of the mouse on the icon of Rhythmbox the dialog (play / pause – next – prev – quit) appears under the menu budgie on the opposite side and not under the icon.
        The things I miss: Nautilus F3 key that divides the windows, Caffeine and Caffeine icon little demon that prevents the lock screen when you watch a video on the Internet, YouTube-dlg that in Xenial has some broken dependencies (expect ppa.nilarimogard / WebUpd8 solve).
        Audio-Recorder (ppa: osmoma / audio-recorder) records every sound that goes into the computer. Gnome-Records works only with the microphone, Audacity is difficult to set without Pavucontrol or the traditional Alsamixer.
        Thank you very much fossfreedom

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