budgie-remix beta 2 is now available

The budgie-remix team are pleased to announce beta 2 of budgie-remix is now available.

We are hoping this is the final beta before our LTS release soon after the official Ubuntu release date (24th April).  If you haven’t already heard we’ve got the thumbs up for budgie-remix by Martin Wimpress – we look forward to working towards official status.

Screenshot Tour

We haven’t been idle in the last couple of weeks since the last beta.

  1. 64bit edition installable on UEFI based laptops with secure boot enabled
  2. Updated Ubiquity Slideshow
  3. Fix for Rhythmbox tray-icon right-click menu
  4. Uplift for Budgie-desktop to v10.2.5
  5. Updated Arc-Theme is now GTK+3.20 compatible – GNOME3 Staging PPA can be added
  6. New budgie-logo Plymouth Theme
  7. Uses new budgie-remix repository
  8. Uses revised PinguyBuilder – for VirtualBox users you’ll need to install virtualbox guest additions

Just today we have made sure QT apps look just as beautiful on budgie-remix as GTK apps.  So remember to do a full update.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

We would like testers like you to try this beta out on a spare desktop/laptop if possible.

We urge beta 1 users to reinstall from these revised ISO’s. If you cannot – please remember to switch to the updated budgie-remix repository

We offer the download through a couple of ways bittorrent and direct downloads.

Remember to keep seeding please when using bittorrent!

There are two ISO’s:

  • 32bit – budgie-remix_16.04-LTS_i386.iso
  • 64bit – budgie-remix_16.04-LTS_amd64.iso

If in doubt choose the 64bit ISO since most modern hardware since 2004 is 64bit compatible.

The applications included with this beta are described here

  • Remember – both budgie-remix AND ubuntu are in beta – so…

Don’t keep any critical data on a beta machine unless you are doing daily backups


  • dual core/2 virtual core processors, 2Gb RAM

hidden features

  • Dashboard: Press CTRL+TAB
  • Raven: Super/Win+N
  • Start Menu: Super/Win key
  • Quick App: ALT+F2

Help and Support

Bug-report should be reported on our Launchpad.net site:

Community Support:

Try our Google+ or Reddit sites:


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