budgie-remix 16.04 is now out!

The budgie-remix team are proud to announce the 16.04 release of budgie-remix.

Built upon the superb 16.04 Ubuntu LTS package archive, this is our very first full release using the excellent budgie-desktop from the Solus Project team.

64bit and 32bit ISO’s are available as well as bittorrents for these ISO’s – remember to keep seeding please!

Captura de tela de 2016-04-20 08-33-08We have a fantastic and enthusiastic growing community on both Google+ and Reddit – thank you for supporting us through testing and providing valuable feedback.  Some pictures from the community are shown in this post. More details on our support-us page on how to help budgie-remix.

Screenshot from 2016-04-14 13-50-50The budgie-remix team has grown from just myself, to the irrepressible HEXcube, the on-the-ball SpotTech, the enthusiastic Ploctaux, eagle-eyed Foggalong and our newest design recruit udara-u3.  It has been a pleasure working with you all 🙂

Working with upstream guys like Horst3180, Ikey Doherty, Pinguy and others has been great.  Cheers!

2016-04-14-143643_1920x1080_scrotWe have come a long way in a very short time.

It doesn’t end here.  The team has lots of stuff lined up and we’ll announce these in the next days and weeks.  From the fantastic Solus Project team – we look forward to the forthcoming new releases of budgie-desktop this year and we’ll bring these updates to you our 16.04 members as soon as possible.

Moreover – we have lots of opportunities for you as well to get involved.  It is this part we are most excited about.  We need your help to achieve our number one goal – to become an official member of the Ubuntu family.  Please look out for these announcements and don’t be afraid to step forward!

Next step will be the 16.04.1 release of budgie-remix in approximately three months time.

Likewise we’ll be publishing our first alpha 16.10 builds in July, looking forward to the 16.10 release in October.

14 thoughts on “budgie-remix 16.04 is now out!

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  10. Hi! I discover Budgie today and i’m doing some testing and it’s a great and beautiful distro, but i’m new with Solus, i tried to configure the top menu and i don’t know what i did but he disappeared.

    Now In my desktop are just two bars, top and down, with no icons and to shutdown the system i need to press ctrl+alt+del.

    What i can do to bring him back?

    • Its been through a 5 phases of testing. The only issue people have reported is the known issue upstream that budgie-desktop does not (yet) support app-indicators.

      We are looking for talented coders who can help us bring this capability to budgie-desktop, both for ‘buntu users as well as upstream.

      Thus – yes – all apps as far as we know work. If you depend upon specific app-indicators then – please help out – or suggest wait until appindicators are implemented.

      Hope this helps.

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