budgie-remix 16.10 beta 2


The very latest budgie-remix distro based on the firm 16.10 Ubuntu foundations is now available for testers.

More details available on the project-page – and download links are available from sourceforge.

I have submitted many of the budgie-remix key packages to Debian and these are now available direct from the Yakkety repositories:

  • budgie-desktop,
  • Moka icon theme,
  • Faba icon theme,
  • arc-theme.

Similarly, Ubuntu has accepted our budgie-artwork and budgie-wallpaper (xenial) packages as well.

We look forward to working with the Ubuntu devs and hopefully our remaining packages of budgie-remix will be accepted in 17.04 – budgie-desktop-environment, budgie-welcome, budgie-wallpaper (yakkety) and arc-firefox-theme.

In the interim – these are available from the budgie-remix PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install budgie-desktop-environment



budgie-remix release candidate 1

As we march madly onwards towards the 16.04 release of budgie-remix, I’m pleased to announce our first release candidate.  Please grab these from our download site and give these a good workout.

ubuntu budgie 32bit (before testbudgie ppa) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_009

Have a look at the README – the known issues should be looked at.

Feedback any issues on our launchpad bug-tracker, discuss via our google+ and reddit communities.

As always – many thanks to the thousands of testers who have downloaded budgie-remix.

On behalf of the development team (Hexcube, Foggalong, Ploctaux, Spottech, myself) lets make one more push to make budgie-remix ready for the wider community.


budgie-remix beta 2 is now available

The budgie-remix team are pleased to announce beta 2 of budgie-remix is now available.

We are hoping this is the final beta before our LTS release soon after the official Ubuntu release date (24th April).  If you haven’t already heard we’ve got the thumbs up for budgie-remix by Martin Wimpress – we look forward to working towards official status.

Screenshot Tour

We haven’t been idle in the last couple of weeks since the last beta.

  1. 64bit edition installable on UEFI based laptops with secure boot enabled
  2. Updated Ubiquity Slideshow
  3. Fix for Rhythmbox tray-icon right-click menu
  4. Uplift for Budgie-desktop to v10.2.5
  5. Updated Arc-Theme is now GTK+3.20 compatible – GNOME3 Staging PPA can be added
  6. New budgie-logo Plymouth Theme
  7. Uses new budgie-remix repository
  8. Uses revised PinguyBuilder – for VirtualBox users you’ll need to install virtualbox guest additions

Just today we have made sure QT apps look just as beautiful on budgie-remix as GTK apps.  So remember to do a full update.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

We would like testers like you to try this beta out on a spare desktop/laptop if possible.

We urge beta 1 users to reinstall from these revised ISO’s. If you cannot – please remember to switch to the updated budgie-remix repository

We offer the download through a couple of ways bittorrent and direct downloads.

Remember to keep seeding please when using bittorrent!

There are two ISO’s:

  • 32bit – budgie-remix_16.04-LTS_i386.iso
  • 64bit – budgie-remix_16.04-LTS_amd64.iso

If in doubt choose the 64bit ISO since most modern hardware since 2004 is 64bit compatible.

The applications included with this beta are described here

  • Remember – both budgie-remix AND ubuntu are in beta – so…

Don’t keep any critical data on a beta machine unless you are doing daily backups


  • dual core/2 virtual core processors, 2Gb RAM

hidden features

  • Dashboard: Press CTRL+TAB
  • Raven: Super/Win+N
  • Start Menu: Super/Win key
  • Quick App: ALT+F2

Help and Support

Bug-report should be reported on our Launchpad.net site:

Community Support:

Try our Google+ or Reddit sites:

budgie-desktop gets a very stylish new release

budgie-desktop has just received its latest update (v10.2.5) – and its packed full of rather nice tasty stuff.  So forget about your choccy easter eggs – delve in, update and enjoy.

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_001 The main panel has been rather nicely been fixed up. Notable visual changes includes the ability to blend the panel applets with the panel itself – a visual treat in itself.

The whole panel nicely reveal itself on logon – so no messy icons changing its size.  The applets no longer re-arrange themselves at random as well. Hurray!

If you have pinned your apps to the panel, these task icons (right of the start button) gets a nice hover effect – just inviting you to click on them.

Last but  not least is bluetooth support – if you have bluetooth – you get to see a nice new bluetooth icon with the other panel system indicators (battery/sound/exit).

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_002Raven sound descriptions are much more useful – especially for those users who have multiple sound cards.

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_003The General Settings has undergone a dramatic revamp – you can switch on and off desktop icons as well as fiddle with cursor themes and all sorts of fonts.  You can now remove gnome-tweak tool. Yay!

ubuntu-xenial-minimal-64bit (before testing new 10.2.5) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_004 The panel settings has a new option called “Stylize regions” – for ubuntu users it is off so that the applets blend in to the panel itself.  For those yearning for the clear visual distinction – click to switch back on.

Other behind the scenes changes include:

  • fix-ups for ultra high resolution users – the panel correctly sizes itself
  • GTK+ 3.20 support.  So for those users using the latest 16.04 Gnome-3 Staging PPA, budgie-desktop will work just nice for you!
  • The minimum GTK requirements are now GTK+3.18 – so sorry 15.10 Ubuntu Users … time to upgrade (on April 24th if you are of a nervous disposition)

Don’t forget – you need to use the budgie-remix PPA from now on.

For users who are new to budgie-desktop:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y budgie-desktop

Note – this will update Nautilus to v3.18 as well which does not have the Unity patches. To remove budgie-desktop:

sudo apt install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:budgie-remix/ppa

budgie-remix beta 2 is up next – this will include this new release of budgie-desktop.


budgie-remix to ship with Files (nautilus) v3.18

Actually is more of a question.  Should budgie-remix ship with Files (nautilus) with v3.18?

As you will I’m sure know – Ubuntu has downgraded Files to v3.14. Possibly this is because the Canonical developers couldn’t get the Unity patches into this version.  There maybe more reasons – please help me out why they have and if the latest v3.18 work now available in the gnome3-team PPA resolves these issues,

I’ve added the said PPA – out of the box this is what you will see:

ubuntu 16.04 minimal (before v3.18 nautilus) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_144

Those are huge icons – both on the desktop and in the icon-view. Oh-dear!

The icon-size appears to be configurable via dconf – for example this:

ubuntu 16.04 minimal (before v3.18 nautilus) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_146


Thoughts about this proposal?

“Budgie-Remix” is born

“Ubuntu Budgie” is  a thing  – its not real – well not yet.

So what will such a thing look like? Enter “Budgie-Remix”.

Ubuntu’s trademark restrictions would not allow some random person or team just to claim their spin as “Ubuntu” – so for the moment I’ve code-named this project Budgie-Remix.

If that sounds spooky – well Ubuntu Gnome in its infancy was known as “gnome-remix” … and funnily enough “Ubuntu Gnome-Remix” – well … it was before Canonical “clarified” its trademark usage.

I’ve spun this out very quickly – don’t even attempt to use this in a production environment.  I’m sure it will eat all your kittens…

budgie [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_127

The base is Ubuntu 15.10 mini iso uplifted to 16.04 alpha.  Look at the readme for further details.  The MD5 is there to make sure your download is successful – if you dont know what that means type in a terminal

md5sum budgie-remix.iso

Out will splurge a number – it should be exactly the same as the  contents of the .md5 text file on SourceForge.

So how was this hacked together? I’ve added my budgie PPA. Hand-cranked a wallpaper, icon and theme via directly editing some base operating files.  LightDM logon screen has been edited manually.

I’ve added Gnome-Software, Nautilus (Files), Gnome-tweak-tool and dconf-editor to the mix.

Then used the wonderful Pinguy Builder to create an ISO.

It’s 64bit only and is only to be used in Virtualbox/Gnome-Boxes etc.

login username is “live” and there is no password


Its purpose is for two reasons only – to demonstrate what budgie-desktop actually is and also to understand what actually needs to be done to make a real distro.

Quick – dirty – mission accomplished?

Needs to be refined – it needs some real software development techniques to be applied.

As always – I need people to help in any way they can – testing, coding, packaging – basically anything and everything.  Hit the contact button please!

Stay tuned.

“Ubuntu Budgie” needs a campaign plan

Every major software project needs a plan – a set of requirements & derived requirements, an Impact Assessment, High-Level Design, low-level designs, tech-notes, transition plans, software impact statements, interface-control-documents …

xubuntu (before rhythmbox 3.3) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_120

Yes – the software industry (which if you don’t know I’m a part of) just loves its documentation – its a wonder any software gets produced!

Does anyone actually read any of this?


“Ubuntu Budgie” needs a plan – a plan of what needs to be done – but it doesn’t need thousands of turgid pages of stuff to be created before someone decides on producing something real.

Here’s a plan – maybe a flight of fancy – maybe not practical in places… but a plan it is.

Have a read – what do you think?

Feel free to share – edit & comment – its an open plan so please dont abuse it…

Its quite a list – somewhat random – but such a plan needs a practical demonstration of what the key parts of the plan will actually look like.

Tomorrow’s story…