Copyright Terms and Fair Use Guide

In summary – feel free to  link to my blog and use the content under Fair Use.  The only main request I make is that you provide a link back to the page(s) you refer to.

If you are linking to any of the articles on my site, please follow the terms below.

  • Do not copy the whole article. I spend lot of time and energy in creating content. You cannot just copy/paste the whole content to your site.  If you are a WordPress blogger, feel free to use the Reblog option.
  • While linking, you can use a short paragraph from my website with the content in quotes. While linking, you cannot use any images from the article in your post.  The reason is simple for this last statement – I cannot guarantee that the image link will be the same since I do re-edit the post and there is nothing worse than seeing content with broken links or is out-of-date.
  • Either before the quotes or after the quotes, You must give link to the original article with proper credit and mentioning that the original content is from this blog.
  • Whilst you are allowed to alter, transform, translate, or build upon the articles, again please give proper attribution as above.
  • You cannot republish the full or partial RSS feeds from my site.



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