little things matter…

Little things matter.  Take for example this bug-report from 2003 (!!) – a request to add the ability to move the column order in Rhythmbox.

Lots of discussion, requests, tantrums later … but no-one has taken the proverbial bull-by-the-horns and implemented anything.

Hey-ho – if only I knew C well enough…

Well I do know python – so I’ve added to my “lets improve the GUI” plugin alternative-toolbar just such an ability – you can now drag by the column header in any order you want.

before & after…layers

Artist has been moved to the more logical position after the title & the genre has been moved from the end to a more prominent position.

Enjoy – happy holidays all!

P.S. – if this has inspired you to fix this properly via a C patch to Rhythmbox – then that would be great 🙂


To install – install via my PPA or via GIT, instructions here.



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