new rhythmbox 3.4 released

Unusually early this time, Rhythmbox 3.4 has been released.

Its available for Yakkety users – but I’ve done some judicious hacking and its now also available for 16.04 users as well.

ubuntu xenial (before 10.2.6) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox : 1_043

(screenshot taken with rhythmbox 3.4 + my alternative-toolbar plugin)

Thanks to the key Rhythmbox maintainer Jonathan Matthew we have a good release that incorporates a variety of fixes and improvements over the rhythmbox 3.3 available in xenial by default.

This version contains the following:

Overview of changes in Rhythmbox 3.4

  • New web-control plugin –> I couldn’t get this to work in Yakkety nor Xenial so lets skip over this bit…
  • Grilo plugin now uses Grilo 0.3 –> only relevant to Yakkety, downgraded in Xenial due to the older Grilo available
  • Soundcloud plugin fetches more search results and allows pausing
  • No longer uses webkit (partly due to OpenBSD W^X enforcement)–>my plugin coverart browser is broken due to GTK3.18 changes in xenial.  This webkit change basically will necessitate a rewrite 😦
  • Slightly better handling of keyboard shortcuts for playback
  • Core and some plugin data files compiled into binaries using GResources
    Bugs fixed:
    703910  Entering then leaving Party Mode breaks the app menu; Party Mode status incorrectly reported
    721926  TerraParser (lyric's plugin) is not fetching lyrics correctly
    759589  grilo: Port to 0.3.0
    765833  [regression] Cover art shown superposed over the song titles and artist names when cover art is 
    766584  Referenced website is not about ReplayGain
    767318  Use correct pkg-config binary
    767466  daap: Fix warnings when configuring music sharing
    767524  "To translators: the context is" doesn't continue the sentence
    768545  Cannot change MP4 encoder settings
    769404  Memory leak

Stock Ubuntu 16.04 users should definitely benefit for 12+ months worth of bug-fixes and refinements.


If you are using my plugin alternative-toolbar this version of rhythmbox introduces a nasty regression and breaks the plugin.  I’ve fixed this now for xenial users and is available in my rhythmbox-plugins PPA or via GitHub.  I’ve uploaded a fix to Debian Unstable and have created a bug-report on launchpad requesting a resync from Debian for Yakkety.

If you are looking to have the latest, I’ve packaged this together and is now available in my Rhythmbox PPA. This PPA contains the existing Ubuntu patchwork – hide on close, support for local and global menu etc. N.B. – I tend to update my PPA as and when I’m investigating what is new in upstream Rhythmbox.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fossfreedom/rhythmbox
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt full-upgrade

Note: sometimes the upgrade doesn’t quite work.  If you get a segmentation fault repeatedly on startup then uninstall and reinstall rhythmbox

sudo apt-get purge rhythmbox rhythmbox-plugins rhythmbox-data librhythmbox-core10
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rhythmbox



2 thoughts on “new rhythmbox 3.4 released

  1. Hello David,
    I installed Rhytmbox 3.4 en it works very well.
    But I’am now missing the “Ilyrics in the sidebar”. It is not anymore in the plugins-list.
    Do I need to install an extra PPA?

    Wim Dekkers

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