Launchpad PPA Download Statistics … almost 6 million and counting

One of the more hidden parts of using Launchpad to host your PPA is actually knowing how popular – if at all – your hard work is benefiting the wider ‘buntu and derivates.

It is so hidden in-fact, that you need to use the Launchpad API to find out.

… and there is a brilliant PPA so solve that!

From the wonderful Jean-Philippe Orsini is an easy to use command line tool that gives you the raw statistics.  Even better, you can output the results in HTML format and this allows you to drill down to individual packages.

saucy ubuntu [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_085

One of my favourite PPA’s I maintain is the Rhythmbox Plugins – from the stats I can easily see that since mid-2012 there has been almost 6 million downloads.  All I can say is wow!  Three cheers for all the support – I’m just astounded how popular the PPA has really been.

How to install

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jfi/ppastats
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ppastats

The OP doesnt backport the latest stuff – so its best to use the latest distro available – 13.10 Saucy at the time of writing this.

How to use

Create a folder and change to it – for example

mkdir stats
cd stats

Run the following to create the statistics for your PPA – lets assume your username is myname and the ppa is called myppa

ppastats -o . myname myppa

Wait until it has completed and then point firefox at the index.html file that was created

firefox index.html

N.B. if you see 503 errors in the terminal – that is Launchpad not playing ball.  Just rerun ppastats and few times and examine if you get the same or similar results.

How to calculate totals

On the left-hand side copy packages and their totals.

Open Libreoffice Calc.  Paste the text copied.  This will prompt you with an import dialog – just use the other delimiter and choose “:” as the delimiter to split the package name with the download statistic.

Raw Stats for rhythmbox-plugins

rhythmbox-plugin-coverart-browser 352382
rhythmbox-plugin-coverart-search 294666
rhythmbox-plugin-llyrics 285711
rhythmbox-plugin-equalizer 240169
rhythmbox-plugin-radio-browser 233333
rhythmbox-plugin-rhythmweb 233074
rhythmbox-plugin-opencontainingfolder 229156
rhythmbox-plugin-countdown-playlist 208035
rhythmbox-plugin-randomalbumplayer 199757
rhythmbox-plugin-complete 199183
rhythmbox-plugin-suspend 196925
rhythmbox-plugin-remembertherhythm 188952
rhythmbox-plugin-send-first 183734
rhythmbox-plugin-smallwindow 176064
rhythmbox-plugin-hide 174170
rhythmbox-plugin-desktopart 172961
rhythmbox-plugin-fullscreen 170756
rhythmbox-plugin-artdisplay 150943
rhythmbox-plugin-wikipedia 148492
rhythmbox-plugin-android-remote 144504
rhythmbox-plugin-screensaver 139713
rhythmbox-plugin-jumptowindow 125488
rhythmbox-plugin-microblogger 123194
rhythmbox-plugin-lastfm-queue 119197
rhythmbox-plugin-lastfm-extension 118629
rhythmbox-plugin-albumartsearch 114165
rhythmbox-plugin-tray-icon 110132
rhythmbox-plugin-rhythmremote 109492
rhythmbox-plugin-jumptoplaying 109252
rhythmbox-plugin-webmenu 108188
rhythmbox-plugin-repeat-one-song 108159
rhythmbox-plugin-tabguitar 108066
rhythmbox-plugin-stopafter 108035
rhythmbox-plugin-fileorganizer 101529
rhythmbox-plugin-rating-filters 96941
rhythmbox-plugin-seek 39360
python-pylastfp 36089
rhythmbox-plugin-looper 20625
python3-mutagenx 666
rhythmbox-plugin-playlist-import-export 24



2 thoughts on “Launchpad PPA Download Statistics … almost 6 million and counting

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  2. “Just rerun ppastats and few times and examine if you get the same or similar results.”
    In fact, there is a cache of data, so each time you run ppastats you increase the chance to have the complete set of data.

    The very last release (1.2) of ppastats also splits requests to decrease the risk of a 503 and highly decrease the load of the server. So, it is highly recommended to use this one (not yet available in the ppa) for generating report for PPA with huge number of downloads.

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