budgie-remix beta 1 is now available

Spread the word – get your friends and your friends-friends to share … budgie-remix beta 1 is now available!!

Its been less than a month since Mark Shuttleworth expressed his support for a budgie-desktop version of Ubuntu.

Well its now available – in both 64bit and 32bit forms.

So what’s in this beta 1 release since the previous tech-preview

  • A range of apps we think fit in with budgie’s simple & elegant style
  • Ubuntu look and feel – Fonts are Ubuntu based
  • New Dashboard (press CTRL+TAB)- more than a nod towards GNOME-Shell dashboard
  • Revamped Rhythmbox to meet the budgie look-and-feel
  • Installer slideshow highlights budgie-remix’s features
  • A selection of wallpapers to customise with – we hope you like our radical default with a nod towards Ubuntu.

Workspace 1_160

We’ve also been busy with help & support.

We have our own website – budgie-remix.org

Launchpad.net is being used for bug-reports

GitHub is being used for development

We have our own subreddit

We have our own google+ community

Enjoy – get testing!


One thought on “budgie-remix beta 1 is now available

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