budgie-remix … the apps

Choosing the default applications for a distro is contentious – you can never please everyone.  Fortunately with Ubuntu as its base – you can change/add/delete anything with ease.

For those testing an installed version of tech-preview beta 2 (keep updating!)  these are the current default applications budgie-remix probably (emphasis on probably) ship with.  Let me know your thoughts.

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By default budgie-remix ships with Arc-Theme from Horst3180 – this includes firefox styled with Arc theme .  Also available is Horst3180 Vertex Theme which is equally impressive with the budgie-desktop


  • Files (Nautilus) is shipping with v3.18 not v3.14 as in base Ubuntu.  This is combined with GNOME Sushi – nice piece of software to view the contents of what you have highlighted – just press the Space bar
  • GNOME calculator
  • Gnote – note taking software EDIT: GNote has removed system tray capabilities so does not integrate with budgie-desktop
  • Main Menu (Alacarte EDIT: MenuLibre) – allows customisation of the menu
  • GNOME Photos
  • Gedit Text Editor
  • EDITL GNOME Calendar


  • Solitaire
  • Mahjongg
  • Mines
  • Sudoku

Installing the package gnome-games has two dozen games to choose from – the chosen four are those that Ubuntu has selected as the default.


  • Simple Scan
  • EDIT: GThumb image viewer


  • Chromium Webbrowser EDIT: Now removed
  • Firefox Web-browser customised with the Arc Darker firefox theme
  • Transmission BitTorrent client

Not decided yet (but leaning toward firefox) on the default browser … ship with both?


  • Libreoffice with sifr as the default toolbar style

Sound & Video:

  • Rhythmbox customised with Alternative Toolbar and Tray-icon for controlling via the panel
  • Video Player (Totem)


  • Orca Screen Reader
  • Power Statistics

System Tools:

  • GNOME Control Centre Settings
  • GNOME Software Centre


  • Ubuntu Software Updater


  • Startup Applications
  • Additional Drivers
  • GNOME Disks
  • GNOME Online Accounts


  • Archive Manager (file-roller)
  • Evince PDF Document Viewer
  • Image Viewer (eog)
  • GNOME Screenshot
  • GNOME Terminal

EDIT: TLP is included by default – this will enhance the battery life for laptop uses.

EDIT:… and xfdashboard is available as an optional install (sudo apt install budgie-xfdashboard) – press CTRL+TAB – this gives a gnome-shell like dashboard

ubuntu budgie [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_139


27 thoughts on “budgie-remix … the apps

    • most unusual request – certainly the first time anyone has requested this. budgie-remix is very modular – so you can certainly – and easily just install budgie-desktop within ubuntu studio and login to the budgie-desktop session and then have access to all ubuntu studio apps.

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    • the big problem with lollypop is that it doesnt exist in Debian and therefore not in the Ubuntu repo’s. That prevents us including in the default distro unless we as a community actively look after the packaging aspects.

      • I now but i recommend to install it . Lollypop shoud by default music player in gnome instead of Music. Something like mate-welcome would by nice , software butique is a killer thanks to Wimpy

        • Mate-welcome is certainly something we are interested in – we’ve got that as an issue on launchpadnet/budgie-remix – we just need someone to help with this – can you?

          I don’t understand the reference to “software butique is a killer thanks to Wimpy” – can you add a link to what this is referring to?

    • thanks for the feedback. The games are trivially small in terms of disk-space. I’ll have a think.

      MenuLibre could be a better fit than alacarte – so thanks for that. I’ll do some more investigation work.

      What I realised is that there isnt a real image editor in that list. Pinta is mono based so too big for the ISO. GIMP is massively complicated. Maybe GThumb?

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