“Budgie-Remix” is born

“Ubuntu Budgie” is  a thing  – its not real – well not yet.

So what will such a thing look like? Enter “Budgie-Remix”.

Ubuntu’s trademark restrictions would not allow some random person or team just to claim their spin as “Ubuntu” – so for the moment I’ve code-named this project Budgie-Remix.

If that sounds spooky – well Ubuntu Gnome in its infancy was known as “gnome-remix” … and funnily enough “Ubuntu Gnome-Remix” – well … it was before Canonical “clarified” its trademark usage.

I’ve spun this out very quickly – don’t even attempt to use this in a production environment.  I’m sure it will eat all your kittens…

budgie [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_127

The base is Ubuntu 15.10 mini iso uplifted to 16.04 alpha.  Look at the readme for further details.  The MD5 is there to make sure your download is successful – if you dont know what that means type in a terminal

md5sum budgie-remix.iso

Out will splurge a number – it should be exactly the same as the  contents of the .md5 text file on SourceForge.

So how was this hacked together? I’ve added my budgie PPA. Hand-cranked a wallpaper, icon and theme via directly editing some base operating files.  LightDM logon screen has been edited manually.

I’ve added Gnome-Software, Nautilus (Files), Gnome-tweak-tool and dconf-editor to the mix.

Then used the wonderful Pinguy Builder to create an ISO.

It’s 64bit only and is only to be used in Virtualbox/Gnome-Boxes etc.

login username is “live” and there is no password


Its purpose is for two reasons only – to demonstrate what budgie-desktop actually is and also to understand what actually needs to be done to make a real distro.

Quick – dirty – mission accomplished?

Needs to be refined – it needs some real software development techniques to be applied.

As always – I need people to help in any way they can – testing, coding, packaging – basically anything and everything.  Hit the contact button please!

Stay tuned.


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