Developing for budgie-remix

Getting started with developing with budgie-remix

budgie-remix is hosted on GitHub for development.  For anyone who wishes to contribute to the development of budgie-remix, this article is the starting point.

budgie auto.txt (~-Documents) - gedit_147

It consists of a number of sub-projects – some are still work in progress.  Obviously the number of sub-projects will grow as the project matures – below is the current structure:

budgie-desktop-environment is the starting point for the distro.  It is a meta package consists of two parts:

  • Depends: this installs all the necessary packages building upon the mini.iso  minimal Ubuntu install.
  • Recommends: this installs all the desktop packages like rhythmbox which the end-users see and use out of the box.

budgie-desktop is the upstream budgie desktop itself together with any Ubuntu specific patches

budgie-remix-lightdm-theme configures the LightDM theme and live CD autologin configuration files.

In the Debian package itself it has the gsettings override file central to budgie-remix; all the key customisation settings are done here:

  • rhythmbox
  • fonts
  • nautilus
  • screensaver and desktop background initial wallpaper

budgie-xfdashboard configures xfdashboard for budgie; defines a theme together with initial defaults per user autostarted on logon

budgie-isohelper contains stuff to create an iso:

  • reworked PinguyBuilder deb package stripped of unnecessary dependencies together with a base config file.

arc-theme is the upstream arc-theme together with the Debian package to install it.

plymouth-theme is the budgie-remix plymouth files displayed when booting

budgie-wallpapers consists of wallpaper jpegs including the key screensaver and desktop background wallpaper file itself

The whole project is built upon the mini iso

  1. Connect the downloaded ISO to virtualbox
  2. Boot and accept all the defaults – no desktop is installed
  3. Install budgie-remix as follows
sudo apt-get install -y software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:fossfreedom/testbudgie
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y budge-desktop-environment

The PPA testbudgie are development packages.  The PPA budgie-desktop are the release packages

That’s it – simple!

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions – contact me via google+ or hit the contact page (please use a real email address!) and I’ll reply as soon as I can.



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